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Jacob Zuma. Julius Malema. Hilter. Robert Mugabe.

These names are all synonymous with the word “leader”. Whether they were or are good leaders is, I think, a matter of personal opinion.

I recently participated in the English Olympiad. The topic this year was controversial: In camera: whose truth is it anyway? I thoroughly enjoyed this topic as it drove me to question and think about things which I would have not thought about before. I asked myself: why should we be led by others anyway? or have we, the people and youth of South Africa become a sad example of the blind following the blind? And the question that still eats away at my conscience when all the world has been silenced and I am left alone with my thoughts, do we know our leaders well enough to make a judgment or criticise them for their actions? If they are some super-human being who can do no wrong should they be scrutinised and at times feared? (Yes, my stream of consciousness likes to run off on wild tangents)

It therefore gave me the idea of sending out our bloggers to interview our school’s leaders in the attempt to humanise them. Maybe we will understand and respect them more.

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