About the blog and CHS

Welcome to CHS Creative Space. A space in which to publish and share your words and images.

The purpose of this blog is to give learners of Claremont High School (CHS) an opportunity to share their creative work, encouraging them to comment on their peers’ thoughts as well. The English Department at CHS hopes that this will become a regular blog for readers and bloggers to visit in the hope of finding out more about what young minds have to say about their experiences in an ever-changing world, the new South Africa.

Claremont High School (CHS) opened it’s doors in 2011 as a Mathematics and Science focus school in Cape Town, South Africa. CHS is in partnership with Westerford High School, a successful school that has been tasked by the Western Cape Education Department to work closely in setting up this new school.

Currently there are 360 learners at the school, but in the next few years we hope to grow to a capacity of 500 learners. Learners work longer and harder as the school day ends at 4:15 inclusive of an extra-curricular programme.

In spite of the school’s commitment to Maths and Science, learners have shown a keen interest in developing their creativity. This blog is a space encouraging these musings beyond the classroom context, where they need not be concerned about whether their writing that appears on this blog will be for marks.

We are very excited to read your stories, poems and prose and to view your photographs, designs and illustrations.

  1. Rishay Moodley says:

    I agree with that statement about us wanting to improve our creativity

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