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Love is in the air!

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Latest post

And so, just as many artists have sung and continue to sing, the yearly celebration of love and our loved ones has filled the air with a hot, summery romantic atmosphere. Happy almost Valentine’s Day! (And Friday the 13th)

But what does it all mean? Sorry, let me give you a quick History lesson:

*Googles it*

Okay… Rather not then. A rather interesting and long history (but interestingly romantic), the day of love we call Valentine’s Day began as a liturgical celebration in which Saint Valentine was imprisoned for performing forbidden weddings. Legend says he healed the ill daughter of his jailer, and upon his execution, his farewell letter to her was signed with the words, “Your Valentine.”

Aaaww. Sweet, isn’t it? And also fitting that Valentines this year is a day after a Friday the 13th, given his execution.

So there you have it, Valentine’s Day, a day about expressing your heartfelt feelings and being unconditionally and unquestionably oh-so-sappily romantic. And you know it, here at Claremont High we like being ‘traditionally out-of-the-box’, if you can understand what that means.

We order roses, put some more red, some pink and white hearts and messages all over the school, get dressed to the nines in what we teens see to be the top fashion trends, and we spend a day making some cute memories by taking selfie’s and groupies and sending ‘secret’ love notes, excitedly anticipating the delivery of roses and chocolates at the end of the day.

Hah! Don’t we all know who those are from.

While we all (or at least most of us) enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day at CHS, it’s definitely a mood killer when you see a line-up all day behind the English Department classes. *cough* *raised eyebrows*. No matter what your opinion of the day, we all get roped into having fun. Whether it’s bombing a bathroom selfie or adding your care-free laughs to the conversation about how you’re getting no secret rose (but secretly hoping for one), Valentine’s Day at CHS is always a day to remember.

It’s a great matric fundraiser and we’re thankful to everyone for participating and contributing. A big thank you to the Matric Dance committee for all the amazing effort you guys put it, quoting Ms Schlesinger, you’re all stars!

I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day and may none of your superstitions about Friday the 13th come true; have a great day and if you don’t get any gifts, oh well, know that your mommy must love you.

Kidding! Blame it on Friday the 13th, hah! As long as you love yourself, know that the people around you will too.

– Nur-Aini Benjamin