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Grade 9 Blackout Poetry

Posted: November 4, 2014 in Latest post

A selection of 9C’s Blackout Poems


Grade 11 Poetry

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Latest post

11A were given the following task after reading WH Auden’s Funeral Blues:

Write a poem entitled ‘Joyous Birth’ in which you must use positive images to celebrate a new life coming into existence. Your poem must be at least 2 stanzas long (more if you want). You can use the framework from Funeral Blues.

Here a selection of the submissions.

Joyous Birth

Start all the clocks, let the church bells ring,
Indulge in the songs the choir voices sing,
Commence the gathering and with great cheer
Bring in the cradled baby who is finally here

Let aeroplanes circle jeering up above
Engraving in the blue heavens, “Light, Life, Love”
Make the falling autumn leaves tango in the cold breeze,
Let the city buildings waltz with the old oak trees

He is my Ringo, my John, my George, my Paul
My summer shorts and my winter shawl
My wind, my fire, my air, my earth;
All living and non must celebrate this joyous birth

-Zainab Adjiet

“Start all the screaming and pushing,
The grabbing and gritting
The crying and pain

Let the birds sing
The sun smile
The clouds cry and,
Let the world know

Let the angels sing
Your heart skip a beat
The flowers bloom and,
The rainbow come down

The most beautiful thing is about to happen
But first,
Let’s give a little push”

-Sinazo Tsosta

When I saw black, it was only your voice I heard above all the other voices that called my name and when light came into my eyes, I felt an inch of your water that fell from your eyes touch my skin and slide down! And when I opened my eyes I saw a glow in your eyes and I knew you were glad to see me and when you held me in your arms that’s when I knew how much I meant to you!

-Zanele Krawe

the promise

let new life begin
but this time it has to come from within,
lets erase the past and star all over.
our love is like a four leaf clover.

your joy is my strength
and you your brings everlasting peace
your words satisfy my soul
and your presence puts me at ease

I never knew about happiness
I didn’t think dreams came true
I couldn’t really believe in love,
until I finally met you

while time, heaven and earth may pass away
forever will you words stay.
though doubt may strike and block my view

you words ring clear “Don’t fear, I am with you”

-Milton Flusk