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A final word from the Grade 12s

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Latest post

Today is the final academic day for our school’s Grade 12 class. In the effort of making the day meaningful I asked them to make a class contribution for the blog. Below are their responses to the question “What has high school meant to me?”.

Alex Ferguson:
High school is where you learn the most about yourself as a person. It’s where friendships become set in stone and actually mean something. It’s not just about the goal of matriculating but rather about the journey and all we experience along the way.

Shakeel Benjamin:

Being in this class, I’ve learned that friends stand together like soldiers. This class has taught me that a good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. True friends don’t come along very often. When I speak about true friendship, this class comes to mind, heart and soul. I’ll never forget what we discovered as a class and all the challenges we faced. The final stretch has arrived and a chapter of life has come to an end. I thank all you guys for an extraordinary three years. I don’t think there will ever be a time in my life that will be as amazing as the time I have spent with you.

Muhammed Madhi:

One leaving:

Leaving school leaves me with mixed emotions. I am sad because these are my last days at school. But I am happy because I have my future ahead of me.

Yadhir Maharaj:

High school! The place where people start building their lives. Academic life being the bricks and social life being the cement. We put them together to form the foundation of our home…

Trisha Bhaga:

Mischievous, playful and unique are just a few words to describe my classmates who quickly became my family when we met in Grade 10. High school for me has been a place where I discovered a part of who I am. It is a place to create memories, friendships, have fun and to find a balance between being social and doing your work. The memories we created will be treasured forever. The “inside jokes” my class has, along with secrets we share; all these will never be forgotten. Friends like these only come once in a lifetime. Thank you for the most amazing three years of my life. Comrades, reach for your dreams and ZEB people who try to pull you down.

Yusuf Safudien:

When I first came to high school I felt like I just wanted it to end. I just wanted to grow up and move on with my life. But now as I approach my final days, I realise how many great friends I have made. I realise how much fun we’ve had together and these friends I hope to keep for as long as possible. I guess I don’t really want this phase of my life to end, it has gone by too quickly. It’s time to grow up but I will always have the memories.

Waagiedah Slamang:

High school years are the years where everything is confusing, but perfectly sensible at the same time. I have been able to meet  many great people and I have made the greatest memories. I also faced many difficulties and challenges which I slowly learned to overcome. These three years have honestly been an amazing adventure.

Jude Wells:

Although I am still discovering who I am, it is here where I started to search. This is where I learned to solve quadratic equations and to balance accounts but more importantly I learned that friends are forever, working hard is a necessity, to be an individual and not to please anyone. Every one of my classmates have changed from being strangers, to friends, to family to me. I will miss you all and our crazy memories dearly.

Ashleigh Braaf:

Having only 17 people in my matric class has made me realize how lucky I have been. It’s not everyone that can say their class has grown to become a “family” and mean it. I always knew high school would prepare me academically, but little did I know I’d meet people who would change my life this much. Comrades, I will forever cherish our memories together. Here’s to many more!

Zintle Kwetane:

Everything eventually comes to an end, they say, but I never knew it would be so sudden. I wanted to write a poem for you rebels but I didn’t know where to start. I wanted to sing for you guys but unfortunately, I lack the skills. They say love comes when you least expect it and you guys lifted me up when I was down. You saw me when I was waving and did not let me drown. I did not believe we had a “crab mentality”, I always believed we had a pack mentality. If I could be granted one wish, I would want to replay the memories because you guys are “one in a million and a million in one”. Good luck for the future and may the Zitchynator angels be with you all.

Brenda Chigudu:

The best thing in my high school experience has been meeting my classmates: a uniques and unforgettable group of young people who always said “We can do this” and surely, together, we made it. My classmates are like my family and it’s very sad to see them leave. I am grateful to them or making my three years an awesome experience.

Natasha Robertsen:

High school taught me how to become independent. It gave me a vision of ambition and goals. And now that it’s all over, I plan to achieve those goals.

Luzuko Nqakala:

When I came to Claremont High School I found myself in a unique class. I like the way we have matured as a class over three years. In class I’ve learned the value of friendship, loyalty and respect. Through each challenge we faced as a class and as individuals we stuck together. We often isolated ourselves from other grades sticking together during interval. My classmates have been the best thing that has happened to me. I hope leaving school does not mean good bye forever. I want them to know that whatever happens in life, you will always be in my heart.

Savanah Mathese:

I am 17 and finishing high school is definitely one of the biggest milestones in my life thus far. It has been tough. I’ve learned to survive socially, admitted defeat and been emotionally prepared for failure and for that I am thankful. All these experiences have made me a stronger person in preparation for “life” as they say!

Posing and looking well-behaved  and "normal" with their class teacher and grade head, Mrs Janse van Rensburg and Mrs Moyce respectively

Posing and looking well-behaved and “normal” with their class teacher and grade head, Mrs Janse van Rensburg and Mrs Moyce respectively

Sadly there were a few who were absent: Lindo, Simbongile and Rasheeka.