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Founder’s Day Fun at CHS

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Latest post

by Buhle Xayimpi (pictures by Millan Chibba)

On the 6th of February 2014, Claremont High School was officially 3 years old. Wow!! What a toddler. We as a school did our best to celebrate this day by having a sports day a day after the official assembly with heart-warming speeches from Mr Broster and some of the pupils.

We had a wonderful day where, as a school, we were allowed to bond and have fun enjoying our school’s birthday. We were divided into 3 Houses, Blue, Yellow and Green. It was an exciting day and we had many activities where we could bond with our team members. Activities such as chairball, tug of war, continuous cricket, orienteering and a fun relay of wheelbarrows, rocks and painters. The Blue House won, but all in all, Happy Birthday Claremont High School.

Some pictures of the wonderful day below:

Chairball in action

Chairball in action

Dumisani drumming his team on while others watch the game

Dumisani drumming his team on while others watch the game

Sony and Milton ready for action

Ms Chapman getting drumming lessons from Lusindiso

Ms Chapman getting drumming lessons from Lusindiso

Getting ready for Tug of war

Getting ready for tug of war

Back to school

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Latest post
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by Mikhail Amod

So begins yet another year of work, studying, some fun, and more work. When the 4th of December graced all of the hard working students across South Africa last year, 41 days seemed like an eternity in utopia. Absolute freedom and zero work. However it faded away so quickly I still think it’s the 26th of December. How time flies.

Now we’re back. Last year we came, we saw and we conquered. Now we have to do it all over again. And they say in Grade 11 you do more work than a fit black man in America in the 19th century. Suddenly instead of thinking what I’ll be doing this weekend I’m now thinking which university I should aim for. Parents suddenly go all Margret Thatcher-like and rain down on you with an iron fist. No going out, no TV for extended periods and no procrastinating. We just say “Okay I’ll stop all that tomorrow because I’m watching TV right now.” Later we ask them if we can go to Cavendish with friends.

This year we all say we are going to work hard. I should start by doing my homework. Coming back to school gives me great joy. I love everyone at school and find much comfort with engaging in conversation with them. And I love my teachers. Do I come across as a nerd? Maybe!