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Imrah Kamedien


Did you just get that feeling? That panicky “school-friends-teachers-work-bleh” feeling that most of us have when packing our bags or walking through those sad, sad gates.

As I walked past all the new students, grade eights and those few random transfers, their faces reflected that first-day-of-school feeling. I felt pretty bad for laughing a little bit inside at how nervous they looked, but I couldn’t help but go “aww”, when seeing all those tiny grade eights begging their parents not to go yet. Is it just me, or are grade eights getting shorter?

I think the anxiety gets less and less each year, because I was actually slightly excited. Most of the grade elevens were, “One and three quarter years until high school is over, yay!” Grade eleven is that good “in between” year. Where you have all the excitement of school being nearly over, and less stress of final exams. Where you’re one year closer to your matric ball, and one year away from crying over the biology textbook that you’re trying to study. One year closer to leaving school, and a year away from having no actual responsibilities. That is what each year of school is to us- just, “one year closer to…”

School means the end of the holidays, fun and not getting up until noon- and the start of heavy bags, headaches and uniforms. School also means seeing your friends, your favourite teachers or that cute boy/girl that waved at you once.

School is place to reinvent yourself and make friends with people you never thought you would. It is a place to be yourself and to meet people who like the real you.

So, to the students who are actually reading this: good luck, you’ll need it to work “longer and harder.” Oh, and remember that you’re one year closer to achieving your goals and dreams, whether it’s frying nuggets at McDonald’s or landing on Mars.

(A side note: be cool, stay in school.)