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Posted: November 23, 2013 in Latest post

Jesse(grade 8)

Once we arrived at Ratanga Junction, my uncle Mark; my mother’s youngest brother, paid me ten rand to ride it with him and the rest of my family. As we got on, I anxiously waited for the ride to get to the top, expecting the heart-stopping drop and its screams to follow.

It was taking longer to drop than when I would see people riding it, but at that single moment when I wasn’t expecting it, it came. That close to 90 degrees drop which lead to multiple spirals and loops. In the middle of the first loop, I started opening my eyes, realising that it wasn’t as scary as I always thought it would be. I was smiling for the rest of the ride and surprisingly, I never screamed, once!

For that, I got an extra five rand. After that I wanted to go again but it was closing time so we had to leave. We were lucky because it was the last ride of the day. On our way walking to the car realised that my fear of it wasn’t because of the loops, but of the cave which is the entrance to the ride. In the sides of the cave were snakes blocked by (hopefully) a strong piece of glass.

I have a phobia of snakes so getting through there was the hardest part. This was the final time I did something I have promised myself never to do again. Riding the Cobra. A year later, I broke that promise by riding it again, and probably will continue to break that promise.