The Girl

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Latest post

By: Sagel Kundieko (Grade 8)


There I was doing the same thing I’ve been doing in two weeks. Running but getting nowhere. It was dark around me except in front of me and The Monster behind me.

The Monster looks like a centaur but it has wings. His job is to find The next Girl but he can only take the Her if She wants to go. He comes to Her every night and chases Her into The LIGHT. The girl is supposed to rule over the LIGHT City. You will wonder why I didn’t want to go. It’s because The She has to protect The LIGHT People from The DARK City. The DARK City stole the Thing of The LIGHT City, The Thing is the protection of the LIGHT People.

All The GIRLs never return once they meet the ruler of The DARK City. The People think that They are prisoners of The Dark Angel. The vision always comes at 10 o’clock that’s because I am The 10th Girl. According to the principles of the LIGHT City, the 10th Girl is supposed to defeat the Dark Angel. Being The Girl does not mean that you are not human anymore, but in The City you become a fairy.

The lady who told me all this, at school, is my guide, she told me that it was important for me to go and I did.This is my story on how I became The last and right Girl that saved light city.

  1. Wow! This is an awesome piece of writing! You should carry on and finish the story it sounds really interesting.Keep it up !

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