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By Layla Hildebrand, 2013

Firenza, Luna and Aurora were sisters. They were nothing more than dots on the blank canvas we call ‘space’. In their lonely surroundings of nothingness, they glowed in bright colours. This was the everyday life of three heavenly bodies with nothing but each other’s company, until one day, they felt the need for a change.

They wanted to make something of the never-ending space. Luna and Aurora wanted friends, peace, light and happiness. The three sisters were capable of anything, but for Firenza, power wasn’t enough; she wanted control.

Firenza used her powers to create a magical throne, which she planned to use to attack her sisters. Her envy of her sisters’ powers overwhelmed her and brought nothing but misery to the lives of her sisters. Firenza’s greed overwhelmed her to the point where she was completely uncontrollable, and was no longer aware of her sinful ways.

Luna and Aurora tried their best to console her, but failed in doing so. They then decided that Firenza had to be killed. The two sisters then killed Firenza by casting the Spell of Death over her sleeping body.

As Firenza died, her body gave off a radiant light that still glows today, and is known as our sun. Aurora and Luna felt something they had never experienced before: guilt. The three heavenly bodies that lived side by side for millions of millennia now became two.

There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in. the two sisters realised that their sin was this crack, and that they would find real redemption by turning guilt into good.

This is when Aurora and Luna strived to create good of their guilt. They used Firenza’s light to create new life, while creating peace, friendship and happiness, as they had wished at first.

Aurora found redemption by becoming the earth, and giving life to humans, plants and animals in return for taking the life of her sister. Realising the big mistake she made, she allowed humans to make mistakes as well, to feel redemption and relief. Every night from then on, she watched the humans, plants and animals grow and adapt, and awake to new challenges every day. She created the plants and animals so that they could not live without each other, just as the earth could not survive without Firenza’s light.