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A reflection

Mock – to poke fun at, pretend or simulate. Despite what its title might suggest, ‘Mock Exams’ is no laughing matter, especially to Claremont High’s first Matrics – Founding Class of 2013. It is the Preliminary Examinations, the last one set internally, and the final preparation before the ever feared Finals.

It was kicked off with English Paper 1, to many a rather comfortable start to ‘ease in’ the exams. This theme was quickly knocked out by the following exam: ACCOUNTING. For those of you who flinched when you read that, don’t worry, your pain is shared by many. After this obstacle, the time-table makers seemed to have no mercy. Afrikaans/Xhosa; PHYSICS; MATH!!! Bam, Bam, Bam!!! Day in and day out brutal examination was thrown at us, forcing our overworked minds to both cope somehow and spew out results; or panic and crumble under the pressure. It was seemingly the end of days. Or was it?

The Matrics…ahh, the Matrics. They, from the get go, had a plan to combat this HOD imposed death-exams. They, what they though was very cleverly, turned the senior science lab into what resembled a “chill room”. Couches, poofs, even table tennis!!! A relaxing place to chill with friends (matrics only, of course) before an exam or after one. They (we) started coming early to school on days we had an afternoon exam, just to chill. It was the perfect plan, that is, until Mrs Moyce Found out.

“THAT ROOM IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR STUDYING!!!” “You can’t afford to…” You get the idea? That and something to do with a warrior being serious at war. To be fair, she was largely right. We should have been more focused at this time. Responsibilities and all. That being said, the awesome chill room was taken away, not to mention being in Mrs Moyce’s bad books (nasty place to be). Luckily, there were only a few exams to go. Including the dreaded Life Orientation exam. Yes, that was sarcasm.

From an academic point of view, Claremont High’s first set of Mock Exams was, as a whole, a success. The few indicators received thus far have shown averages have gone up, the most recognised of these being an excellent improvement in Physical Science Average ( ON target with our 3 year plan!!! THANK YOU DR. BRIZZLE!!!). Even if there were a few setbacks here and there, the mock exams were a great opportunity for us to get our mindsets in gear for the road ahead.

Paraphrasing a teacher’s words, the time for ‘play play’ is over. At a time of war, a soldier has to be in war mode, meaning all shots on target (soughta what Mrs Moyce said).

Claremont, Westerford, pretty much the whole Western Cape has their eyes on the founding class. No pressure guys!

With 15 school days to go, let’s put BEAST MODE on and get ready to, for the last time, to mock some exams.

by Mogamat Dayaan Salie


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