Let’s talk about…controversial issues

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Latest post
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“I’ll never tell a lie. I’ll never make a misleading statement. I’ll never betray the confidence that any of you had in me. And I’ll never avoid a controversial issue.” Jimmy Carter

My love for the controversial has led me to believe that stories which are contentious in nature are the ones that push our perceptions of the world to new levels. Stories have the power to make us see things in new ways and spark debate. I also believe that this blog can be the perfect platform for some intellectual debate as it is a space where you, the reader, can contribute your personal ideas and beliefs.

Thus, our main post theme for this term will be …yes, you guessed it!  ALL THINGS CONTROVERSIAL.

We, the students/bloggers/extra terrestrial super cerebral beings (lol jk, I wish) of CHS would like to give you the opportunity to build on or break down your current beliefs. We’d like to give you a possible solid ground when defending or discussing your opinion on a topic next time someone asks you, “So what do you think about…”

It’s almost cliché to say that ideas have the power to change the world. But I still think this statement is true.  Critical thinking is one of the most important life skills that we can learn. I sincerely hope that the pieces which will follow will help anyone reading them to become more informed and more active citizens. And quite frankly it would be cool if people went “Oh My Word!!! Like how could you say that?” after reading our posts.

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Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink

Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink


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