Mr Gibbon and Mrs Moyce

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Latest post

Luzuko Magengelele (LM) gets up close and personal with our principal, Mr Gibbon, and finds out the most and interesting and unexpected facts about him.LM: “Sir in one sentence I want you to tell me what your favourite toast topping, dessert, celeb and TV show is

Mr Gibbon : (laughs) Ok  let me see , My favourite celeb is Johan Goosen and I always enjoy eating chocolate mousse while watching my favourite TV show Modern Family and not forgetting marmite on my toast !

LM: Interesting choices Sir (smiles)! And what’s your favourite fairy tale?

Mr Gibbon: The answer to that has got to be Beauty and The Beast

LM: Wow! Care To Tell To Us Why Sir?

Mr Gibbon: Well basically I like the fact that it makes you see past the surface and look at what’s inside of people

LM: So true sir, I agree with you. So tell us what you do in your free time

Mr Gibbon: I enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles, love reading, camping and hiking

LM: And if you weren’t a teacher, what would you have been?

Mr Gibbon: Most definitely an astronaut

LM: (laughs) what is your ideal holiday?

Mr Gibbon: I would really love to go to Zanzibar

LM: Oh me too sir! Hopefully you’ll take me with

Mr Gibbon: (laughs) Sure Luzuko why not? That’s if you promise to get at least a 90% average on your final term report (smiles cleverly)

LM: (laughs) I’ll take that as a challenge sir! Next question! What has been the most life changing moment in your life thus far?

Mr Gibbon: That would be meeting my wife followed by having babies

LM: Aaawww! And if you were a super hero what would your special power be?

Mr Gibbon: I’d be a big strong man to keep children safe to keep children safe

LM: (laughs) If you weren’t married, who would your valentine be?

Mr Gibbon: That would be Halle Berry , I think she’s beautiful

LM: Any hidden talents sir?

Mr Gibbon: Taking photos, writing poems but NOT dancing

LM : (laughs) What is the best advice that you’ve ever been given? By whom?

Mr Gibbon: My parents always told me “It’s not about the money; you’ve got to do what you love!”

This section is all about Mrs Moyce, the deputy principal. When we entered her office we could tell that she was quite nervous. With a muffin on her plate and all of us seated comfortably, we began our ‘Interrogation’

Bloggers: “So Mrs Moyce, we are going to ask you some questions and you can answer as truthfully as you want.”

Mrs Moyce: “Ooh I hope they are not hard!”

Bloggers: “Don’t worry Mrs Moyce there is nothing to worry about. So the first is…..what is your favourite dessert?”

Mrs Moyce: “Mhm…that’s a tough one. I’ve got four!”

Bloggers: “Sorry ma’am you can only choose one”

Mrs Moyce: “Okay, if so, then…. I’d go for Malva Pudding.”

Bloggers: “Who is your favourite celeb?”

Mrs Moyce: “I don’t really have one! Wow this is a hard one. Can we get back to it later?”

Bloggers: “Sure, next question. What is your favourite toast topping?”

Mrs Moyce: “Avocado! Definitely avo!”

Bloggers: “Yum! Okay next quezy, what is your favourite TV series?”

Mrs Moyce: “I don’t have one, but I love romantic drama… wait no romantic comedies! Yes romantic comedy”

Bloggers: “What is your favourite fairy tale and why?”

Mrs Moyce: “I like all fairy tales with happy endings, I must see the main character get married to the prince and live happily ever after.”

Bloggers: “What do you do in your spare time?”

Mrs Moyce: “I love spending time with my husband!”

Bloggers: “Aww Mrs Moyce, never knew you were such a romantic. ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink.’ Okay next question, what is your idea of an ideal vacation?”

Mrs Moyce: “Going to Paris with my husband. I have always wanted to do that.”

Bloggers: “Aww, what is the best thing that has ever happened to you thus far in your life?”

Mrs Moyce: “Coming to teach at Claremont High!”

Bloggers: “If you were a superhero what would you powers be?”

Mrs Moyce: “Mhm… I would like to be able to get into teenagers heads and find out what they are thinking.”

Bloggers: “Ha-ha, Mrs Moyce, if you were not married who would your valentine be?”

Mrs Moyce: “Uhm….. Princes charming, wait no, my dad! I love my dad!

Bloggers: “Do you have any hidden talent?”

Mrs Moyce: “Sadly I can’t cook and bake, but I am a very good runner!”

Bloggers: “If you weren’t a teacher what would you like to be?”

Mrs Moyce: “Nothing else. Only a teacher! Even when I was five I used to take my teddy bears and put them in a line and teach them.”

Bloggers: “Cute! And last… what was the best advice you have ever received and by whom?”

Mrs Moyce: “Mhm the best advice… Okay here it is. Say what you mean and mean what you say, my Pastor told me that and it just always stuck in my head.”

Bloggers: Oh Mrs Moyce, we almost forgot. Who is your favourite celeb?”

Mrs Moyce: Uhm… Whitney Houston. I like the way her music is, the way she expresses herself in her songs.

Bloggers: “Thank you so much for sacrificing your time for us!”

Mrs Moyce: “Not problem girls, it was a pleasure”

So fellow mates there is your inside scope on Mrs Moyce our Deputy Head.

Written by: Carin Donson (8A) and Yusrah Davids (9B)

Mr Broster and Mrs Moyce in conversation

Mr Broster and Mrs Moyce in conversation

Welcoming guests at our school's open day.

Mr Gibbon: Welcoming guests at our school’s open day.


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