What makes you so special?

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Latest post
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When I was in the seventh grade I had the pleasure of encountering an apathetic teacher who would always sarcastically ask the students in class “What makes you so special?” Imagine, if you can, a teacher wagging a finger in your face and using a judgemental tone as she asked this question. Geesh! I thought teachers were supposed to be motivational and inspirational. This teacher was anything but. But this incident has gotten me thinking, now that I’m in Matric, what makes us all so special? (minus the wagging finger and judgemental tone.)

Last year, Matric 2012, a young lady, aged 18 was top of the class nation-wide in the NSC exams. Perhaps you’re thinking that she probably came from a school in the leafy suburbs, a school that was loaded with resources, with teachers who had won numerous awards for “Excellence in Education”. But you’d be wrong!

Mmadikgetho Komane (her name means success!) matriculated at “Glen Cowie S.S” in the rural Sekhukune district of Limpopo. She achieved 100% for; Maths, Physical Science & Accounting. (How did she manage that?) What makes her so special is that she attended a school that didn’t have loads of resources or award winning teachers, and COME ON, she hails from Limpopo, the province which usually attains the lowest matric results. And if you weren’t living under a rock, you’d know about the textbook debacle in Limpopo, when most learners were without textbooks for the first half of the year. So it’s kind of obvious what makes her so special. She triumphed despite all the odds.

So, I pose the question to you, beautiful learners of CHS, what makes you so special?

You are at a school that is equipped with the best resources and excellent teachers who put in extra hours for you and who are there to help you.
So there’s nothing to stop you from striving for excellence.

To my fellow Matric learners, take a leaf out of Mmadikgetho Komane’s book and let’s spend this year productively.

To the grade 8’s, 9’s, 10’s and 11’s, you too are going to be in matric in the blink of an eye, so plan for the future. Who knows, perhaps amongst you there might also be a Mmadikgetho Komane. After all, we are that special!

Your editor,
Nabeelah M x

  1. Ntshadi says:

    So true! We don’t all have to face the same challenges as Mmadikgetho to discover our own strength in the face of obstacles. Good luck for this year!
    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. johncoyote says:

    You have given wise advice. I told my children the same. High School prepared you for life and college. Best study hard now and make the future easier. Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. Bravo on a stunningly crafted editorial Nabeelah! Engaging, motivational and motivational. Your clear thinking shines through. As for “what makes you so special?” Simple, because you are. Keep up the great work and remain special!

  4. Noxy says:

    Thank you for getting me to reflect on my own teaching practice 🙂 I do often ask students who think that the values of being respectful, honest etc. don’t apply to them ‘why are you special? why does it not apply to you to be honest and kind but you want it from others?’ I never thought how it might come across. I’ll definitely give this one some more thought to figure out how to better communicate the idea.

  5. Mathe says:

    Now this is the spirit! I really hope that your fellow will indeed take a leaf from Mmadikgetho Komana, who personifies success for those born in an era of “elections”, the hallmark of democracy. (This is the context for understanding why her name might mean success, but the literal translation of Mmadikgetho is mother of elections.)

  6. Pretty makube says:

    I’m really touched..come 2015 maybe i’ll be mmadikgetho the 2nd

  7. Fistar mmadikgetho.T says:

    Congradulations!mmadikgetho ur the best.

  8. Nhlangano says:

    Come 2015, Ima follow her, Komane.

  9. Nhlangano says:

    Next year will be mine, cant wait for 2015.

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