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Poetry is a chapter in this big book of life

we all play a part in

It is the art of putting together words

to form a piece of emotional writing


Poetry is a part of one’s soul

It is the enhancement of one’s

thoughts, attitudes and feelings


Poetry is about releasing your tragedies and catastrophes

by putting your pen in motion

Its about liberating your ink

To put each and every emotion on paper


Poetry is sharing a part of you

with the universe

Its about embracing your inner beauty

by expressing it through the art of writing


When i write a poem

i am giving you a part of me

For my poems come straight from the heart


By Luzuko Magengelele – Grade 9

  1. jasmin says:

    yoh luzuko wow! I know you write poetry but to write poetry about poetry is awesome ! you are amazing at what you do and dont give up….

  2. lindokuhle patiwe says:

    your poem is great luzuko. you realy do have a talent

  3. Phumlisa Mkosana says:

    beautiful poem Lulu

  4. nthabi says:

    wow Luzuko…. what a inspirational poem. I really hope you would write more poems for us to ead. Now thats the CHS spirit right there. Love you lots.

  5. nthabi says:

    Lol… I meant you should write more poems for us to READ not ead…

  6. johncoyote says:

    Poetry is the doorway into someone mind and thoughts. I like the description in the poem. Thank you for sharing the excellent poem.

  7. Luzuko Magengelele says:

    you guys are all so encouraging man *teary eyes with a smile* . see now you are the people that inspire us poets to write more , you are the reason why we write . thank you so much 🙂 . keep visiting the blog for more inspiration

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