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Posted: February 16, 2012 in Latest post

Welcome to Claremont High School’s creative writing blog: CHS Creative Space. A space in which to publish and share your words and images.

The purpose of this blog is to give learners an opportunity to share their creative work, encouraging them to comment on their peers’ thoughts as well. The English Department at CHS hopes that this will become a regular blog for readers and bloggers to visit in the hope of finding out more about what young minds have to say about their experiences in an ever-changing world, the new South Africa.

We are very excited to read your stories, poems and prose and to view your photographs, designs and illustrations.


  1. mujaahid says:

    soon CHS will be the best school in the Western Cape from mujaahid

  2. jihaad jones says:

    Beautiful picture!!!!!!Thank you Mr.wilson!!!

  3. WOW, this website is soooo totally cool, well thanks to Mr.Wilson I really apprieciate it. Now I can brag to my friends that my school is the coolest SCHOOL EVER!!!!!…..Hyeepee. Just look at us we are soooo happy that means that we are proud of Claremont High School and that we really enjoyed FOUNDERS DAY!!!! Thanks to all the teachers. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CLAREMONT HIGH

  4. keziah schilder says:

    Claremont High School. A place where theres no right or wrong .its a family!. Happy Birthday Claremont students! hoping it would stay this way. All new coming Students next year, you going to learn so much. At Claremont you work longer and harder and its all for you! THankyou Mr Wilson FOr making this site for Claremont. much appeciated .. Keziah Schilder Gr8c

  5. celeste fisher says:


  6. MIEnAAz says:

    =) so awesome……. loving this amazing website sir………. thank you so0 much!!!!

  7. MIEnAAz says:

    read this its very imprtant! THIS SCHOOL IS KNOWN AS AS BEST SCOOL EVER

  8. ubaid potgieter says:

    Mr wwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiison thanks for the lovey web site you created for chs

  9. Lindokuhle patiwe says:

    Thank you mr wilson and ms masola. This is like the best ever. Now i can brag to my friends about my school. ONE BIG THANKS again mr wilson and ms masola

  10. Ken Muya says:

    Nice work mr Wilson

  11. buhle xayimpi says:

    There’s no better place than CHS!!! Buhle Xayimpi 8b

  12. CHUMANI #TURBO says:

    dope picture

    *thanks to MR WILSON!!!

  13. i love the website and our school but i have some bad news iam leaving the school but i have enjoyed my short stay here and everyone was kind to me. it leaves me in ters that i have to leave the school but i know someone else will take up the space i have here at claremont so bye bye love you all people of claremont high

  14. zinzi kwanto says:

    hola hola guyz i mean our school is the most coolest in the westerncape lol.joken,am i realy joken?lol it is the coolest join our website you will get the coolest people,educators and maybe the air weaven into your face lots of people are so friendly,nyc,caring and loving dont u wanan join our school cause we still want more people,look at me lol as in mwa lol bye ciao……..;)

  15. Oh my God i dont know where to begin to show the gratitude im feeling right now. For a long time ive been wondering how i could share all my thoughts and feelings with my peers and finally God has answered my prayers! im definitely going to submit one of my poems right now.

  16. Yonela Nhose says:

    Wow this is super cool .. im so amped to see what my peers think about life and everything else .. @Luzuko im so happy that we can finally see your beautiful poems, you truly inspire a lot of people darling ..

  17. @Yonela that is sooo true. . @Luzuko ive been wondering when you are going to share one of your poems at assemblies again but now Mr. Wilson has made life easier for people like you who inspire our hearts. . A very big thank you to Mr. Wilson. .

  18. Sanele Magodla says:

    Loving the AWESOME pic…

  19. ZOE JANUARY says:

    IM SO HAPPY!!!!! I finally got a chance to go on our own school website . Im very grateful that we have our own website to share our thoughts and i want to say thanks to the people who put theyre whole effort thanxs

  20. Prof Russell Kaschula says:

    Wow – how nice to see such a creative space within a learning environment. Normally we have our creativity beaten out of us at school! Claremont High proves the opposite.

    Congratulations Atha, your colleagues and class.

    Russell and Pam at Rhodes University

    • atha says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Prof and Mama’Pam!

      • Luzuko Magengelele says:

        I fully agree with you Prof Russel , that is so true . too often we tend to shift all of our focus on school and intellectual activities , forgetting the amazing creative talents God has given us . That is theft ! Each time you write a poem and don’t share it you are stealing someone’s right to be inspired , you steal people’s rights to finding strength , courage , happiness and healing in your work . (Inspired by a quote in The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini)

  21. Yanela Pakati says:

    Having a warm welcome to ‘the family’, (Claremont High), I am expiriencing a whole new box of wonderful things, that I have never thought of imagining. Having this website allows me to share what I love and what I will forvever cherish about the school, the educators and pupils themselves. ‘Big Up to Claremont High School’ -Yanela Pakati

  22. Sine Manikivana says:

    Claremont high is the best you just get to the interesting and inspiring things about your fellow sshool mates I loooooooooooooove CHS!

  23. Yamkela Pakati says:

    When I started in school, this day to be in high school seemed so far away. Now it’s here and I cannot believe that time has passed so quickly. But through our teachers’ encouragement and guidance, I feel I am ready for tomorrow’s challenges. (If you can read this, thank a teacher.)

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